Dog fleas are parasites that are very harmful to the health of our pets. In addition to attacking our pets, these parasites can also affect humans by feeding on them. Taking the dogs out of the house is not the best solution for getting rid of these pests when you are having a major dog flea problem in the home. If you just take out the dogs out of the house, these parasites will start feeding on you.


Preventing a problem is always best than trying to cure it, and therefore it is best to prevent infestation of our pets by fleas. Various things need to be done to prevent worsening of a dog flea infestation. One of the methods is the use of repellants.  Some insecticides have compounds that are useful in keeping off dog fleas. It is to keep in mind that direct spraying of the pets with these chemicals is not recommended.  You can use spot treatments, and these can be powders, sprays or ointment which will be applied on your pet every month. The chemicals in the spot solution will prevent flea infestation to your pet. If you are just seeking to prevent flea infestation and not doing follow-ups from past outbreak, it can be appropriate to use herbal oils spot treatments at pet-lock.com/products. By doing so, you will not pressure your dog with harsh chemicals every month.


Proper sanitation is another method that can be used in the prevention of dog fleas. These pets should regularly be washed to permanently remove these parasites since these animals are part of our homes. It is also important to vacuum carpets, and other possible sources of dog flea eggs and larvae should be done.  Regular pet maintenance should also be carried out. Check this site!


Flea collars are also good ways of preventing dog fleas. If you fear a flea infestation, you should make your dog wear a flea collar during the warmer months. Flea collars will help to repel fleas and also help to remove those that ave already attached. You can also use flea powder to keep your pets safe from flea attack. This powder can be applied to the dog's body once in thirty days and of great importance be sprinkled in your home once a month.


If the problem has gone to the extremes, it is vital that you look for medication. It is good that you take your time to know the right steps to take if your dog is infested. To learn more on the importance of tick and flea treatments, check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/donna-solomon-dvm/listerine-and-pets-not-veterinarian-recommended_b_8558482.html.